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Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type Date Added
Jen Linkova Plenary Google Backbone Monitoring, Localizing Packet Loss in a Large Complex Network application/pdfvideo 2012-10-05
Maarten Botterman IPv6 Progress of IPv6 according to Global Survey 2012 application/ 2012-10-03
Razvan C. Oprea Closing Plenary RIPE 65 Technical Report application/pdfvideo 2012-09-28
Brian Nisbet Closing Plenary RIPE66 Invitation application/ 2012-09-28
Rob Blokzijl Closing Plenary Closing Plenary application/pdfvideo 2012-09-28
Iljitsch van Beijnum Closing Plenary A new Origin Preference Attribute for BGP traffic engineering application/pdfvideo 2012-09-28
Anto Veldre Closing Plenary Internet Freedoms vs Clean-IT (a lightning talk) application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.documentapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-28
Tuan Nguyen NRO/RIR Reports APNIC Update application/pdfvideo 2012-09-28
Ruben Bloemgarten Closing Plenary Chokepoint Project application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Ingrid Wijte NRO/RIR Reports NRO Statistics application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Adiel Akplogan NRO/RIR Reports AFRINIC Update application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Luisa Villa NRO/RIR Reports LACNIC Update application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Martin Winter Closing Plenary Proposed Charter: Open Source WG application/ 2012-09-27
Martin Levy MAT Intercountry BGP AS Topology application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Vesna Manojlovic MAT RIPEstat update and roadmap application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Vesna Manojlovic MAT RIPE NCC Measurements & Tools Strategy application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Vesna Manojlovic MAT RIPE Atlas update and roadmap application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Vesna Manojlovic BoF RIPE Atlas update and questions at Atlas Bash application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2012-09-27
Nick Hilliard Routing Remotely Triggered Black Hole Tutorial application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Anand Buddhdev ENUM RIPE NCC ENUM Update application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Andrei Robachevsky Routing Routing security: What do operational data tell? application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Benno Overeinder and Philip Homburg MAT Experiments and Measurements on the Internet: Two Use-­Cases with RIPE Atlas and Discussion application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Emile Aben Routing A Case Study of IPv6 /48 Filtering application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Martin Winter Routing Summary of Open Source Quagga / Bird BoF application/ 2012-09-27
Athina Fragkouli Anti-Abuse Data Protection Report application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Christian Teuschel Anti-Abuse Anti-Abuse Information In RIPEstat application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Paul Rendek Cooperation Building on the Success of the IGF application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Ingrid Wijte Anti-Abuse Reallocation of Address Blocks application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Nick Hilliard Address Policy PI Assignments from the last /8 application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Mihály Mészáros ENUM new developments and service update application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.documentapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Gert Döring Address Policy APWG steering slides application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Vesna Manojlovic MAT Atlas Anchors plans application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Routing WG Chairs Routing Agenda application/pdf 2012-09-27
Ivan Pepelnjak Routing BGP Operations and Security Internet Draft application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Elise Gerich NRO/RIR Reports IANA Update September 2012 application/ 2012-09-27
Alexey Ivanov Address Policy Simple Sub-allocations application/ 2012-09-27
Anders Jönsson Cooperation WCIT and CEPT application/ 2012-09-27
Cooperation WG Co-Chairs Cooperation Cooperation WG Agenda application/pdf 2012-09-27
Nick Hilliard Address Policy Temporary Internet Assignments application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Andy Davidson IPv6 Why NAT64 must win application/ 2012-09-27
Alex Le Heux Address Policy Feedback From NCC Registration Services application/ 2012-09-27
Ondrej Filip IPv6 KATR - catalogue of IPv6 enabled CPEs application/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Emilio Madaio Address Policy Current Policy Topics application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-27
Tore Anderson Address Policy Policy proposal 2012-06: Revert «Run Out Fairly» after IPv4 depletion application/pdf 2012-09-27
Merike Kaeo IPv6 IETF work on Operational Security for IPv6 application/ 2012-09-27
Martin Winter / David Lamparter / Ondrej Filip BoF Open Source Roundtable (Quagga / Bird) application/pdf 2012-09-27
Andrei Robachevsky Cooperation OpenStand application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Vasco Asturiano Routing Using RIPEstat for Prefix Size Filtering application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Sandra Brown Address Policy 2012-02 and 2012-03 Inter-RIR Transfers application/ 2012-09-26
But Klaasen Anti-Abuse Update Clean IT application/ 2012-09-26
John Curran NRO/RIR Reports NRO Update application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Kurtis Lindqvist RIPE NCC Services Agenda application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Nick Hilliard RIPE NCC Services Publication of Sponsoring Organisation for Direct Assignments application/ 2012-09-26
Kurtis Lindqvist RIPE NCC Services Agenda application/zipvideo 2012-09-26
Axel Pawlik RIPE NCC Services Detailed Version: Update from the RIPE NCC application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2012-09-26
Axel Pawlik RIPE NCC Services Update from the RIPE NCC application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
David Kessens RIPE NCC Services Arbiter's update application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Marco Hogewoning IPv6 IPv6 CPE Survey application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Romeo Zwart DNS RIPE NCC DNSMON future application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Andrea Cima RIPE NCC Services IPv4 Final Distribution application/ 2012-09-26
Emile Aben IPv6 IPv6 RIPEness - More Stars application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Alex Band RIPE NCC Services The IP Analyser application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Kurtis Lindqvist EIX Netnod Update application/pdf 2012-09-26
Cara Mascini EIX AMS-IX 30 sec update application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2012-09-26
Cara Mascini EIX Industry collaborations application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Ondrej Filip EIX BIRD update application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Ben Hedges EIX UK Regional Meetings application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Sara Dickinson DNS OpenDNSSEC update application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Zaid Ali EIX Remote Peering application/ 2012-09-26
Marek Vavrusa DNS Update on Knot DNS application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Romeo Zwart DNS RIPE NCC DNS Update application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Geoff Huston DNS DNSSEC Measurement - A slightly closer look application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Bengt Gorden EIX Internet exchange in Stockholm, STHIX application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.documentapplication/pdf 2012-09-26
Akio Sugeno EIX NYIIX Update application/ 2012-09-26
Puseletso Putsoane EIX Lesotho Internet Exchange application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Warren Kumari DNS DANE Update application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Anastasios Chatzithomaoglou IPv6 IPv6 deployment in Forthnet application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Ondrej Filip EIX NIX.CZ update application/pdf 2012-09-26
Roland van Rijswijk-Deij DNS Dealing with fragmentation in EDNS0 application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Christian Teuschel BoF RIPEstat Public Demo - RIPE65 application/pdf 2012-09-26
Olaf Kolkman DNS IETF: WEIRDS WG Update application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Shane Kerr DNS DNS Benchmarking Effort application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.documentapplication/pdf 2012-09-26
Olaf Kolkman Database IETF: WEIRDS WG Update application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Andrei Robachevsky DNS World fitb Day application/ 2012-09-26
Bijal Sanghani EIX Euro-IX Update application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Harald Michl EIX IXP Wish List Status Update application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Euro-IX Update EIX EIX Euro-IX Update application/ 2012-09-26
Edoardo Martelli EIX CIXP update application/pdf 2012-09-26
Toshinori Ishii EIX Content caching/CDN sharing for small ISPs at IXPs application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
John Curran NRO/RIR Reports ARIN Update application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Kurtis Lindqvist EIX I.root Query src analysis application/pdfvideo 2012-09-26
Martin Winter EIX Quagga Status application/ 2012-09-26
Nigel Titley Database Action point roundup application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.documentapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Yannis Nikolopoulos IPv6 IPv6 Deployment @ World IPv6 Launch Issues application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Kaveh Ranjbar Database Database Update application/ 2012-09-25
Mirjam Kühne EIX IXP Traffic During Major Sports Events application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Liviu Pislaru IPv6 Implementing IPv6 in RCS & RDS Network application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Tom Taylor IPv6 Multicast Transition Scenarios application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Internet Governance Update Panel Plenary Internet Governance Update Panel application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Eric Vyncke IPv6 The Layer-2 Security Issues and the Mitigation Techniques application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Maarten Botterman IPv6 Result 2012 Global IPv6 Survey application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
David Lebrun Plenary Correlating routing configuration changes with forwarding changes application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Maksym Tulyuk EIX AMS-IX IPv6 Day Before & After application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Randy Bush Plenary RPKI Propagation application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Lorenzo Colitti Plenary Observations from World IPv6 Launch application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
MarcoH IPv6 Steering slides session I application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2012-09-25
MarcoH IPv6 Steering Slides session II application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2012-09-25
todd underwood Plenary RIPE Plenary Program application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Niall O'Reilly RIPE NCC Services Services for Legacy Resource Holders application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Brian Nisbet Anti-Abuse AA-WG RIPE 65 Agenda application/ 2012-09-25
Job Snijders Plenary NLNOG RING 2012 – Network Debugging Never Was Easier application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Geoff Huston Plenary Lightning Talk: MEASURING DNSSEC application/pdfvideo 2012-09-25
Stefan Plug Plenary RFC 5549 application/pdfvideo 2012-09-24
Maikel de Boer and Jeffrey Bosma Plenary Discovering Path MTU black holes in the Internet using RIPE Atlas application/pdfvideo 2012-09-24
Paul Ebersman Plenary SLAACer or Prisoner of State application/pdfvideo 2012-09-24
Philip Homburg Plenary Some interesting results from RIPE Atlas application/ 2012-09-24
Mark Townsley Plenary Mapping Address + Port application/pdfvideo 2012-09-24
Thomas Steen Rasmussen Plenary censurfridns: Technical and Political Aspects of Uncensored DNS servers application/pdfvideo 2012-09-24
Arien Vijn Tutorials Extending 100Gbit/s links application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2012-09-24
Sandra Brás Tutorials Give great presentations. You don't need to imagine your audience is naked. application/pdf 2012-09-24
Xavier Misseri Plenary Enabling inter-domain path diversity application/ 2012-09-24
Rick van Rein Plenary IPv6 for the masses -- with 6bed4 application/pdfvideo 2012-09-24
Alain Bidron Plenary Invitation to ICANN GNSO ISPCP application/ 2012-09-24
Rob Blokzijll Newcomers' Intro Newcomers' Introduction application/pdf 2012-09-24
Axel Pawlik Newcomers' Intro RIPE NCC for Newcomers application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2012-09-24
Christian Martin Tutorials Scaling MPLS – Seamlessly application/pdf 2012-09-24
Geoff Huston Plenary The Concept of Quality of Service application/pdfvideo 2012-09-24
Peter Forsman Anti-Abuse Growth of counterfeit websites application/ 2012-09-21
Marc Gauw EIX The sense of distributed Internet exchanges application/pdfvideo 2012-09-21
Marc Gauw EIX Overview of the local peering scene application/pdfvideo 2012-09-21
Niall O'Reilly ENUM ENUM Status application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2012-09-20
Ivan Pepelnjak Plenary OpenFlow and SDN: Hype, Useful Tools or Panacea? application/pdfvideo 2012-09-20
Rick van Rein ENUM Making ENUM useful before it establishes critical mass application/pdfvideo 2012-09-19

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