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Monday, 24 September, 09:00 – 11:00

Tutorials will take place in parallel.

Improve Your Presentations
– Sandra Brás, RIPE NCC

In the Meerman room

If you give presentations, this tutorial can help take your presentations to the next level. We will show you how to make your presentations more engaging and effective by taking you through process of planning, building a story to suit your audience and delivery.



Extending the Range of 100Gbit/s Links
– Arien Vijn, AMS-IX

In the Grand Ballroom I – III

Many backbone links of AMS-IX are too long for current 100Gbit/s transceivers. AMS-IX extended the range of currently available short range transceivers with custom made optical amplifiers.

This presentation addresses the issues, the design and the implementation of this relatively cheap solution.



Scaling MPLS – Seamlessly
– Christian Martin, Juniper Networks

In the Grand Ballroom IV – V

MPLS has been widely deployed for more than a decade in carrier networks for the purpose of service creation, virtualization, and traffic engineering. However, to date, the vast majority of deployments are limited to core or metro-only deployments, with scale concerns being the biggest factor preventing an end-to-end deployment of MPLS. Recent developments in the MPLS technology space have provided a path to providing scalable, end-to-end, “seamless” MPLS from access to core and beyond, further increasing scale from thousands of nodes to hundreds of thousands.

This talk provides an overview of the technology behind seamless MPLS, where it applies, and how operators can leverage this technology to provide end-to-end services infrastructures for the Internet, data center, and private VPN network environments.