Routing Working Group Draft Agenda

Thursday, 27 September, 14:00 – 15:30

A. Welcome (5 mins)

  • Thank scribe, jabber monitor and stenographer
  • Minutes of working group meeting at RIPE 64
  • Moving the Route Flap Damping document to last call

B. BGP Security Best Practices (10 mins)
Ivan Pepelnjak

C. A Case Study of IPv6 /48 Filtering (15 mins)
Emile Aben

D. Summary of the Open Source Routing BoF (15 mins)
Martin Winter

E. Remotely Triggered Black Holes (with configuration examples)
Nick Hilliard

F. Using RIPEstat for Prefix Size Filtering (10 mins)
Vasco Asturiano

Y. Interaction with Other Working Groups

Andrei Robachevsky: Feedback requested on ISOC routing security survey.