Daily Meeting Report

Attendees checked-in: 468

Friday morning’s plenary opened with reports from the RIRs, the NRO Secretariat and ICANN/IANA. Discussion included various RIRs’ experiences working with international sanctions and the ongoing investigation of an RPKI global trust anchor. The session also gave attendees the chance to vote for openings on the NRO Number Council (NC) and the RIPE Programme Committee (PC).

The Closing Plenary began with a presentation on the ChokePoint Project by Ruben Bloemgarten. Congratulations were offered to Dmitry Kohmanyuk, who was elected as the RIPE representative to the NRO Number Council. Two lightning talks followed, with Iljitsch van Beijnum talking about “A new Origin Preference Attribute for BGP traffic engineering” and Anto Veldre giving a unique presentation on ‘Internet Freedoms vs Clean-IT‘.

Axel Pawlik and Randy Bush then stepped up to the podium to give some clarifications on the PI space debate and asked the community to become more active in helping to solve the issue. The results of the RIPE PC elections were announced: Will Hargrave, Elisa Jasinska, Shane Kerr, Benno Overeinder and Job Snijders were elected to the PC. Sander Steffann, who is stepping down from the PC, received a round of applause for his work in setting it up. Rob Blokzijl, RIPE Chair, also thanked the PC for all its work so far. Martin Winters introduced a proposal for a new RIPE Working Group (WG) – the Open Source WG. Rob Blokzijl explained the process for creation of a new WG and told the room that a mailing list will be set up and comments and feedback will be gathered. At RIPE 66, a BoF will be held early in the week and then, in the Closing Plenary, the community will be asked if there is consensus for the WG to be created. Brian Nisbet gave an update on the work of a Task Force set up to review the procedures around the appointment and removal of RIPE WG Chairs. He noted that a document has been drafted and is now under discussion by the WG Chairs. The document will be made public before RIPE 66. Razvan C. Oprea, RIPE NCC Technical Crew, gave the RIPE 65 Technical Report.

The Closing Plenary ended on a surprise note with a marriage proposal – congratulations to Sascha Pollok and Luisa Villa.

Until Next Time

RIPE 65 was another record breaking meeting with 468 attendees, 58 more than RIPE 64! See you all at RIPE 66, 13-17 May, 2013, in Dublin.