Become a Member of the RIPE Programme Committee

Thank you for voting for the RIPE Programme Committee available seats. Online voting is now closed.

The RIPE Programme Committee is responsible for recruiting and selecting presentations for the plenary of RIPE Meetings. We are expanding our membership by four additional members in 2012 who will be elected by the community at RIPE 65 in Amsterdam.

Read our updated documentation on committee composition and roles.

The RIPE PC has functioned well since its formation, but we have found ourselves short-staffed in several ways: We lack representation from several important RIPE communities, we do not have a wide range of expertise and experience, and we are reduced to a very small number of people in the case of any PC members taking vacation or otherwise unable to attend PC calls or follow up on speaker requests.

Please consider standing for a PC position in Amsterdam or nominate a colleague whom you believe will be effective in the role.

Questions about the RIPE PC can be sent to pc [at] ripe [dot] net.


Candidate Biographies (in alphabetical order)

Rumi Bhuiyan

rumi [at] abstation [dot] net

I wanted to be an active member for RIPE programme committee if I have a chance and if learned community think.

By business I am running my own little data centre in London and doing higher study and research and my area is international Cybercrime, where my academic background is LLB, LLM and MSS in Economics.

Now wanted to participate my knowledge and experience for secured the future internet world where lot of things need to be done not for us but for our future generation.

At present world we can see every day different type of cybercrime going on where whole world is one Jurisdiction and there is no boundary. And criminal can do crime from anywhere and can easily escape from the law because there is no law exist which can prosecute the criminal who involve with this crime and its gradually expanding which need to be stop, and we need big united force to do that.

As a LIR and a member of a biggest internet community in the world my believe we can able to make it in our region as a cybercrime free region first and rest of other region can follow our work. I am really very proud of that I am not alone and I believe that whole RIPE community will be with me for this work.

Iñigo Ortiz de Urbina Cazenave

inigo [at] infornografia [dot] net

My name is Iñigo Ortiz de Urbina Cazenave, 27yo, Madrid-based network engineer. I come from a technical and research background, mostly due to my involvement with research groups at the universities in which I got my Telecommunications Engineering. I currently work at a small LIR’s NOC dealing with customer support, IPv6 advocacy, design, implementation and education, as well as doing both BGP and DNS maintenance and performing the hostmaster functions (amongst few other functions).

At a personal, non technical level, I am concerned about Internet development in the Middle East, Africa and Latam regions. As such, I understand the importance of quality content to both educate and promote community building in these circles. I do take passive part in many mailing-lists including the *-wg and *NOGs and so think I understand the needs of these communities.

I’ve been explained the duties and workloads expected for this position and feel comfortable with both the tasks and time to allocate for them. I really enjoy reading the slides posted in all the conferences I dont have the chance to attend (Apricots, Nanogs, Menogs, sanog, esnog, ietf meetings, ipv6 task forces and roadshows… you name it) and I think I have a good sense of what constitutes a successful slide the audience can enjoy and learn from.

I am an enthusiastic, cooperative person and have a strong sense of community that can make me suitable for the task. I think this is a very good opportunity for me to meet like-minded people and I hope I can get more involved with the Internet community at large, and the RIPE community in particular, by helping shape the content of the presentations.

You can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter (@ioc32) and I can also provide references, should you require more information.

Paul Ebersman

pebersman [at] infoblox [dot] com

I work in the Infoblox IPv6 Center of Excellence, doing external speaking and training on IPv6, DNS, & DHCP, participating in standards activities and working with operator groups. I also act as a technical resource internally, to customers and to the internet community.

I first worked on the internet for the Air Force in 1984, supporting TCP/IP and OSI networks. I was employee number ten at UUNET and helped build AlterNET/AS701 and the modem network used by MSN, AOL and Earthlink. I have maintained my roots in the internet and the open source community, working for various internet infrastructure companies including ISC and Nominum before coming to Infoblox.

I am active member of NANOG, working on the Development Committee and have had multiple presentations at NANOGs, FRNOG, etc., so I am familiar with the presenter side of a conference program and co-chaired a USENIX network conference, so have some experience with shephering authors.

My motivation for being on the RIPE committee is that I’ve found the RIPE community and RIPE documents and resources to be useful to myself and many of our customers and helping to keep that quality of program up would be very satisfying.

Will Hargrave

will [at] harg [dot] net

I would like to nominate myself for the RIPE PC. RIPE49 in Manchester, UK was my first major internet industry meeting, and since then I have helped organise a variety of conferences, including serving on the UKNOF Programme Committee and Euro-IX Forum Programme Committee.

I have a background in network engineering, currently advising a selection of mainly UK-based networks, and am also a director of the LONAP internet exchange in London.

The establishment of the RIPE PC has resulted in a step-change in quality of content in the RIPE Plenary, and I offer my skills and experience to further develop our excellent meetings. I am an accessible member of the RIPE community, so please come and talk to me with any queries.

Further info:

Elisa Jasinska

elisa [at] llnw [dot] com

Having been an active participant and speaker at RIPE meetings as well as other technical industry events since 2006, I consider them the most valuable place to exchange information, share expertise, and work together towards the common goals of the community.

I have previously served on the Euro-IX program committee (from 2009 to 2010) and helped recruiting speakers for various PLNOG meetings.

After 5 years as a Network Engineer at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange I joined Limelight Networks as a Senior Network Architect in 2010, which also broadened my interest in the content at industry events.

This interest, as well as my expertise in program committee work at previous events, motivated me to stand for election to the RIPE PC, to shape the form of future meetings to come and help providing the community with valuable technical presentations.

Shane Kerr

shane [at] time-travellers [dot] org

Shane started attending RIPE meetings in 1998, when first he came as an ARIN staff member. He later participated as a RIPE NCC employee from 2000 through 2006, mostly focused on the Database Working Group.

Since 2006 he has worked on DNS and DHCP software and operations, most recently doing BIND for ISC. He has a strong interest in the DNS and routing areas.

In 2009 he tried to shut down the IPv6 working group, which instead resulted in him becoming a co-chair.

Dmitry Kohmanyuk

dk [at] hostmaster [dot] ua

I would like to apply for membership in RIPE meeting Program Committee.
My biography is available from Ljubljana GM board elections, and attendee list –

I have an education in mathematics and computer science, and my background is mostly in technical operations. SInce 1990s, I have been working for ISPs, software and networking companies, startups and corporations. I am involved with UA ccTLD operations as founding member of Hostmaster Ltd. (an active LIR member).

I have attended multiple meetings by RIPE, ICANN, CENTR, and other organisations and I can bring my experience as listener, presenter, and evaluator. I have been a member of ENOG Program Committee since 2011.
I am also member of UA-IX technical committee.

My goal for RIPE PC is to bring new topics and new people as presenters and increase (already good) quality of presentations. Some regions are still less represented than others and I would use my network to make more people aware of RIPE events.

My Public profile on Linkedin:
You can also find me on Twitter (@dk379) and Facebook.

Thank you for your consideration!

Benno Overeinder

benno [at] NLnetLabs [dot] nl

I have been active in academia for about 15 years, as researcher and assistant professor, and as such organized workshops and participated in a number of programme committees. For the last 5 years I am working at NLnet Labs, a non-profit research lab with a mission to build a bridge between academic results and practical deployment of new technology in our networks. In this role, I am in particular interested how results from research have practical and operational implications on how we run our networks.

Being a member of the RIPE PC, I can contribute to attract contributions on the verge of research and engineering—relevant to the RIPE community—and in reviewing submitted contributions using the insights from my former experiences in conference and workshop PCs.

  • MSc. Computer Science, University of Amsterdam, 1989
  • PhD. Computer Science, University of Amsterdam, 2001
  • researcher University of Amsterdam 1995-2001
    • distributed and parallel computing
    • modeling & simulation
    • computational science (computational physics)
    • cluster computing, grid computing
  • assistant professor, VU University Amsterdam, 2001-2007
    • intelligent distributed systems
    • autonomous agents & distributed middleware
    • distributed system management
    • autonomic/self-* computing
    • SOA
  • senior research engineer NLnet Labs, 2007-
    • inter-domain routing: dynamics, stability, scalability (measurement & analysis)
    • BGP simulation and modeling: 4 MSc. research projects with VU University
    • routing control plane configuration and management
    • inter-domain routing security
    • IPv6 deployment and measurement: 1 MSc. research project with University of Amsterdam
  • 60+ publications

Alex Saroyan

alexandr [dot] saroyan [at] orange-ftgroup [dot] am

My name is Alex Saroyan, I’m based in Armenia Yerevan. I have more than 10 years of extensive experience in network engineering and currently hold position of Network team Leader in Orange Armenia. I manage the team, do hands on job on most critical elements in multivendor environment and I design network architecture. I manage LIR for many years, participate in member discuss and RIPE meetings. Always encourage Armenian colleagues to participate to meetings.

I’m permanently involved in many technically complex projects for service providers and I always develop myself, respectively there is clear understanding of technologies and theirs correlation with modern business needs.

So if community needs one more technician for program comittee then I am for your service.

Job Snijders

job [dot] snijders [at] atrato-ip [dot] com

Job is an active participant of de internet community in both an operational capacity as well as the founder of cooperation efforts such as the NLNOG RING. He frequently travels to the middle-east to teach Service Providers about IPv6 and has involvement in the IETF LISP Working Group. He currently holds an senior engineering position at Atrato IP Networks.

Job states: “The RIPE meetings are of great importance to share with, and learn from kindred spirits. As a Program Committee member I would be in a position to advise young new comers on how to present their creative ideas at meetings. Yet at the same time the old dogs would benefit from my critique to raise the bar for their time on the stages.

I promise to honestly assess each and every proposal on their educational value and novelty.